Gabi Pena
General information
Full Name Gabriela Pena
Gender Female
 Gabriela "Gabi" Pena is the tritagonist in Saige Paints the Sky. Gabi is portrayed by Alana Gordillo.

Character PersonalityEdit

Gabi is Saige's new friend as well as the new girl of the school. She wants to grow up to be a vet and is Saige's new sidekick. She also makes her own clothes as she tells Saige.

Ineraction HistoryEdit


Saige Copeland

Main Article Gaige

Saige is the first person to talk to Gabi on the first day of school. Saige is leaving her best friend for Gabi. Both are into art. Gabi is seen to really trust Saige and helps her get back the art program.


Tessa Jablonsky

Main article Tessabi

Tessa seems to dislike Gabi for stealing Saige, however it is possible they are now friends.


  • She wants to be a vet.
  • She likes art, animals and fashion.
  • She makes her own clothes.

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